Institute for Strategic and Socio-Economic Research (ISSR) is an independent, interdisciplinary, and non-profit think tank with an aim to create awareness on socio-economic development issues and influence public policy.

The vision of ISSR is to create and disseminate research-based knowledge that has the strength in influencing public policies in the interest of common people.

A widely-acknowledged gap in the Nepalese context is two-fold. General public and business community lack information and awareness on socio-economic opportunities whereas investment potentials and public policy-making is not always supported by credible and evidence-based information and research. The regional scenario as well, suffers from inadequate information on investment prospects, market size, product-specific competitiveness, labor force productivity, import needs and export potentials even within the same region. The purpose of establishing ISSR in Nepal is, therefore, to bridge these gaps by largely focusing in providing forum for professional discourse; sharing and disseminating research findings; and influencing major policy decisions both at the public as well as private sectors.

The ISSR also plans to initiate collaborative regional, sub-regional, quadrangle, trilateral and bilateral studies. It intends to give priority to researches, which have a global impact, in particular, those related to growth-enhancing policy research.

The ISSR imparts knowledge through advanced and specialized trainings and research with an emphasis on leadership development. It provides forum for a global exchange of ideas; informs stakeholders on regional and world economic updates; maintains database; and makes a critical appraisal of the implication of policies and performances of the government, private sector organizations, international agencies and other development partners.

  • Conduct socio-economic and other diagnostic studies that can contribute to the mission of achieving high, broad-based, inclusive, equitable and sustainable development;
  • Influence national public policies; make a contribution in enhancing regional and sub-regional integration, and involve actively in growth enhancing issues at the global level; serve as a credible Institute to provide forums for researchers,
  • Serve as a credible Institute to provide forums for researchers, policymakers, and private sector entrepreneurs; as well as to evaluate the soundness and relevance of their findings, policies, and performances; assess donor-assisted national priority programs;
  • Assess donor-assisted national priority programs;
  • Provide training and skill enhancing programs by developing ISSR as an International Center of Excellence; and disseminate research findings and the best practices through multi-platform.

Areas of Work

The ISSR focuses on the wide spectrum of social, economic, environmental, institutional, and political research. The main areas of its activities include:

  • Research and Survey
  • Policy Support and Appraisal
  • Data Center
  • Training and Leadership Development
  • Dissemination and Publication
  • Internship and Volunteer Program

The ISSR comprises professionals, each with 25 to 40 years of national and international experience in the areas of research, academia and public policy making.

The ISSR comprises professionals, each with 25 to 40 years of national and international experience in the areas of research, academia and public policy making.  Theme specific professional engagements include growth, employment, income and poverty; macroeconomic and financial statistics; human resource development; trade, tourism, investment and connectivity; energy, infrastructure and climate change; fiscal and monetary policies; macro modeling; statistical surveys; and social and demographic studies.

The Institute engages senior researchers with proven ability to deliver quality products. It collaborates with think tanks and research-based institutions at national, regional and global levels.