Launching Ceremony of the Institute for ISSR

Rt. Hon’ble Onsari Gharti, Speaker, Legislature-Parliament of Nepal inaugurated the launching ceremony of ISSR  in Kathmandu. A galaxy of distinguishe

Status: Ended 

Road Map for Accelerating Nepal’s Economic Progress

Institute for Strategic and Socio-Economic Research (ISSR) organized the above symposium jointly in cooperation with Indian Institute of Public Policy

Status: Ended 

Ambassador Symposium going to be held at New Delhi

Ambassadors’ Symposium on “Enhancing Nepal’s Development Cooperation”

In collaboration with the Government of Nepal Embassy in New Delhi, ISSR is organizing the conference. It aims to invite countries that have residenti

Status: Ended 

Sub-regional Conference on “Strengthening Cooperation among BBIN Countries: The Road Ahead”

The Institute for Strategic and Socio-Economic Research (ISSR) will be organizing a conference on ” Strengthening Cooperation among BBIN Countries: Th

Status: Ended 

Climate Change: International Commitment and National Needs

In a  two-day residential interaction program that was conducted in Kathmandu,  Nepalese Parliamentarians participated to discuss latest climate chang

Status: Ended